Agricultural Services Markets

ASMarket 1Musika supports the development of commercial services that are key to increasing smallholder productivity.

Musika assists in facilitating the development of a vibrant services market in which smallholders are able to access a wide range of productivity-enhancing services from commercial and micro-enterprise service providers.

Within the livestock sector, Musika assists private veterinary companies to offer the smallholder market preventative health care and genetic improvement models.

In the cropping sector, Musika assists agricultural companies to penetrate the smallholder market and drive the development of the mechanised contracting industry, whereby smallholder farmers unable to purchase their own machinery can access productivity enhancing technologies such as mechanised land preparation, spraying and harvesting on a fee-for-service basis from local entrepreneurs. Its work with the private sector has resulted in companies 'crowding in' into the smallholder agricultural equipment market.

Musika has facilitated the establishment of over 100 points of access to crop related services and over 50 for livestock services impacting over 13,000ASMarket smallholder farmers.

Musika aims to achieve an improved functioning of commercial agricultural services markets, resulting in 100,000 smallholder farmers using improved agricultural services by 2016.

Cross-cutting themes
Four themes transect all of the work that Musika undertakes in its five core market areas:

  1. Ensuring that women play a major role in and benefit from rural market growth.
  2. Ensuring that risks to the natural and human health environment associated with the commercialisation of agriculture are mitigated to the greatest extent possible.
  3. Championing the role of innovation and technology in smallholder agricultural development.
  4. Stimulating greater integration between agri-business and higher education.