Agricultural Output Markets

AOMarketMusika promotes open and transparent transactions between crop and livestock buyers and smallholder suppliers that encourage farmers to invest in their own production.

Musika assists in facilitating the development of a market that is more transparent and structured, with less risk to both buyers and sellers, and which provides the smallholder and emergent sectors with incentives that provide sufficient confidence to invest over the long term in productivity enhancing technologies that can improve yields, profitability and farm income. Within the cropping sector Musika supports the establishment of outgrower schemes, assured markets and embedded extension, and works with national and international companies to facilitate the development of a commodities exchange with the ability to offer future contracts to the Zambian market.

In the livestock sector, Musika is cost-sharing the development of infrastructure that supports an improved market such as auction facilities, livestock service centres for cattle and small livestock, and dairy collection and processing facilities.

Musika has facilitated investment and provision of improved output markets by 17 trading, farming, and livestock companies resulting in over 28,000 smallholder farmers selling commodities through improved market channels.

Musika aims to achieve an improved functioning of agricultural commodity ('output') markets resulting in 95,000 smallholder farmers selling commodities through improved purchasing points by 2016.

AOMarket 2

Cross-cutting themes
Four themes transect all of the work that Musika undertakes in its five core market areas:

  1. Ensuring that women play a major role in and benefit from rural market growth.
  2. Ensuring that risks to the natural and human health environment associated with the commercialisation of agriculture are mitigated to the greatest extent possible.
  3. Championing the role of innovation and technology in smallholder agricultural development.
  4. Stimulating greater integration between agri-business and higher education.