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Tuesday 26th May 2015

Lusaka, Zambia


Keegy, a Zambian veterinary and genetics company, successfully launched the company’s operations in Mpongwe and Lufwanyama on 26th & 27th May, 2015.

Ultravetis’ investment, supported by Musika, aims to increase access to veterinary products and services, including artificial insemination services, to the Province’s many smallholder beef, and dairy farmers, coupled with the provision of information on production and preventative animal health care. Ultravetis will also offer products, information and training relevant to the needs of smallholder poultry producers

Musika assisted in reducing the business risks involved in exploring, testing, and developing this new market, through sharing some of the high costs associated with deploying a well-equipped and trained veterinary staff across the Province.    

By supporting Ultravetis to provide a comprehensive and information-based service to the Province’s livestock farmers, Musika believes that an environment is created in which livestock farmers have the confidence and knowledge to invest in their production and improve their incomes through greater access to high quality veterinary inputs leading to healthier, more productive herds, The opportunity for farmers to invest in new genetics also provides the opportunity to increase the productivity of their herds and maximise returns.


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About Musika

Musika is an independent Zambian non-profit company supported by the Embassy of Sweden and the UK Government in Zambia to stimulate and support private sector investment in the smallholder and rural markets.

Musika’s operations are national in scope and stretch across the agricultural industry, working primarily with those corporate entities in the sector that are committed to engaging the rural poor as their clients, suppliers and consumers. Musika’s clients are those agribusinesses that demonstrate both the willingness and the ability to develop strong and constructive commercial relationships with the lower end of the agricultural market.

Through the provision of high quality, commercially focused technical support and a range of smart, catalytic investments aimed at reducing the initial risks involved in exploring, testing and developing new markets, Musika stimulates and deepens commercial engagement with the rural poor and seeks to fundamentally change the way agricultural markets work with and benefit the smallholder sector.



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