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Thursday 11th December, 2014

Lusaka, Zambia


The Lima Chuma© project has been officially launched in Choma District, Southern Province, Zambia. The project is a partnership driven initiative with Conservation Farming Unit (CFU), Musika, BASF, Omnia Fertilizer and DuPont Pioneer.

Lima Chuma©, which means ‘Cultivating Prosperity’, takes an integrated approach to accelerating small holder agriculture in Zambia. Lima Chuma© is aimed at providing smallholder farmers with agricultural tools such as basic farmer education, improved access to products and services and productivity enhancing technologies that will significantly improve yield output. In addition, Lima Chuma© will provide smallholders with good agricultural practices; crop marketing knowledge, post-harvest management and financial acumen.

The private sector-driven holistic service, under Lima Chuma©, will disseminate technical information to smallholder farmers on the range of agricultural products being supplied by the consortium partners. Furthermore, the project will enable farmers’ access general agriculture production information that will make their farming more cost effective. The required information will be brought into rural communities through trainings, demonstrations, advisory services, field promotions and on-farm research. Over time, these activities are expected to improve agricultural production and productivity per unit area from the current national average of 2 tonnes/ha of the maize crop to 5 tonnes/ha which is within smallholder management capabilities.

The Lima Chuma© project is being implemented in Namwala, Monze, Mazabuka, Choma, Zimba and Kalomo districts of Southern Province. The consortium, recently employed ten supervisory field officers and 50 extension officers or ‘Lima Chuma© Advisors’ equipped with motorbikes and bicycles, respectively, who will be rolling out the Lima Chuma© initiative. Their services include, providing general agricultural information, on-farm research and visits, tailored advisory services, trainings including financial literacy, safe use of agro chemicals, and agronomy practices.

The Advisors, who recently graduated from the Zambia College of Agriculture (ZCA) in Monze and were trained by the consortium partners, are targeting at servicing about 7,500 farmers (5 -10 ha per farmer) by March 2015, in communities that meet the criteria in terms of commercial acumen and potential to invest in their own production.

As part of its commitment to the safe use and disposal of empty agrochemical containers, the Lima Chuma© project has provided 50 collection points for empty containers within the communities where the project is being implemented. The collection points are initially being managed by the Lima Chuma© field staff but will be eventually handed over to the community.

The Lima Chuma© project was a build-up to an initial intervention piloted by BASF in 2013 and supported by Musika to intensify the promotion of one of its agricultural herbicide in Kalomo and Namwala districts. The aim was meant to demonstrate a comprehensive private sector led extension service that would assist in the efficient delivery of product and general agricultural information, and improve access to productivity enhancing technologies.

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Notes for Editors

About BASF

BASF is the world’s leading Chemical Company with customers in 170 countries and production sites in 41 countries. BASF primarily consists of 5 main segments namely, Chemicals, Performance Products, Functional Materials & Solutions, Oil and Gas and Agricultural Solutions.

In Zambia, BASF is trading through selected distributors with particular emphasis on Agricultural solutions. BASF is one of the leading researching companies in crop protection. BASF is providing innovative solutions in fungicide, herbicide and insecticide to support farmers improve the yield and quality of their crops.

BASF believes that modern agriculture, including the responsible and appropriate use of crop protection products and other innovative products and technologies such as plant biotechnology, is vital to meet the world’s fast growing demand for food. BASF has a long and successful history in seeking to improve agricultural output and to help secure and improve yields.

Contact: Loiwe Shawa – Marketing Manager

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+260 977 748459

About Lima Chuma©

Lima Chuma© is a project initiated by BASF in partnership with Musika, Omnia Fertilizer, DuPont Pioneer and Conservation Farming Unit (CFU). Lima Chuma©, whichmeans ‘Cultivating Prosperity’ is aimed at assisting smallholder farmers become more efficient and productive. The overall goal of the project is to contribute to the prosperity and growth of the smallholder farmers in Zambia. It provides smallholder farmers with good agro business; agricultural practice and crop marketing knowledge. Lima Chuma© targets smallholder farmers who grow maize for both household consumption and for sell to both public and private buyers on the open market.

The three pillars of Lima Chuma© are to promote good agricultural practices, effective crop marketing, and basic financial knowledge. As a pilot, the project currently employs fifty (50) Lima Chuma© Advisors who are former students from Zambia College of Agriculture (ZCA) to train smallholder farmers in Southern Province.

Contact: Masauso Mwenda – Key Account Manager

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+260 978 980 484


About Musika

Musika is an independent Zambian non-profit company supported by the Embassy of Sweden and the UK Government in Zambia to stimulate and support private sector investment in the smallholder and rural markets.

Musika’s operations are national in scope and stretch across the agricultural industry, working primarily with those corporate entities in the sector that are committed to engaging the rural poor as their clients, suppliers and consumers. Musika’s clients are those agribusinesses that demonstrate both the willingness and the ability to develop strong and constructive commercial relationships with the lower end of the agricultural market.

Through the provision of high quality, commercially focused technical support and a range of smart, catalytic investments aimed at reducing the initial risks involved in exploring, testing and developing new markets, Musika stimulates and deepens commercial engagement with the rural poor and seeks to fundamentally change the way agricultural markets work with and benefit the smallholder sector.



Pamela Hamasaka – Communications & Outreach Manager

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+260 211 251371 / 0977475323


About Pioneer DuPont Zambia LTD

Pioneer DuPont Zambia Put Ltd is a seed company, a subsidiary of DuPont Pioneer a leading seed company with Head Office in Des Moines, Iowa USA. DuPont Pioneer in turn is wholly owned by DuPont a diversified giant that is registered on the New York Stock Exchange. Pioneer DuPont Zambia is a private companylegally incorporated according to the Zambian laws 2008.

Our Core Values are the pillar of how we run our business as a DuPont Business: Respect for People; Highest Ethical Behaviour; Environmental Stewardship; Safety and Health.

Pioneer DuPont Zambia researches, develops, produces and distributes maize hybrids for the Zambian market. Through its world class research and development capabilities Pioneer will create and test maize hybrids well suited for the different growing environments of Zambia. The products are designed to meet the aspirations and demands of customers to produce high quality and high quantities of food.

Contact: Henry Kamwale 0976 582 630

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About Omnia Fertiliser

Omnia Fertiliser Zambia is the leading private fertiliser marketing company in the country providing a wide range of crop nutrition solutions to its clients. Omnia has been established in Zambia for nearly 22 years now with a steady clientele of prominent commercial farmers, estates, Farmer’s Associations, NGOs and various government-supported schemes. Unlike other companies, Omnia’s approach has been to recruit some of the best-trained Agronomists in the country to go out and provide extension services and technical support to farmers. In addition, the company enjoys strong support from its parent company Omnia Holdings Limited whose headquarters is in South Africa. The company has made huge investments into applying state of the art production technology at its manufacturing facilities thereby guaranteeing top quality granulated fertilizer products for its clients. It also prides itself of being a consistent and reliable supplier of a range of high quality fertilisers not only for the Zambian market but also across the entire subregion with a reputation for good performance in the field.

Omnia has immediately available the commonly used Compound D and Urea fertilizer ex-stock at its cash and carry stores and warehouses located in the major production areas of Lusaka, Petauke, Kabwe, Mumbwa, Kafue, Chongwe, Chisamba, Choma, Kalomo and Mazabuka . The total range of fertiliser products available is able to cater for most horticultural crops, field crops and plantation crops grown under different Zambian conditions. Through a dedicated team of Agronomists, many customers have benefited from the company’s advances in the modern technologies of Soil Sampling, Soil Testing, Tissue Analysis, Sap Analysis resulting in site specific crop nutrition recommendations.

Omnia has in the past been involved in successfully supplying and distributing fertilizer for the Government of Zambia’s flag ship farmer programme under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock’s commonly known as the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP). During the 2012/13 season the company supplied over 57,000 metric tonnes of fertilizer to the Farmer Input Support Programme.