NWK Mechanisation Scheme to boost crop production by smallholders

nwkFourteen smallholder farmers in Mumbwa district received agricultural machinery worth over K234,000 each during the launch of the NWK Agri-services Mechanisation Scheme on 16th October 2014. The equipment which included a 60HP Tafe tractor, a trailer, ripper and planter - as a single unit - was financed under a four-year lease supported by SARO Agro Industrial Ltd, First National Bank (FNB), and Zambia National Commercial Bank (ZANACO). Musika supported the intervention through working with FNB on the financing, and with SARO and NWK on ensuring technical support and after sales service to tractor owners and the wider equipment market.

According to NWK Chief Agriculture Services Manager, Kelvin Hambweza, the company planned to distribute a total of 29 tractors and accompanying implements in Mumbwa district in a bid to boost the productivity of smallholder farmers, and also provide a ready market for their produce.

Hambweza explained that the scheme will enable farmers to cultivate a minimum of 45 hectares of land and grow a variety of crops including cotton, maize, soya beans, and provide tillage services for a minimum of 200 hectares in their respective communities.