SEEDCO extends its coverage to smallholders in Western Province

SeedcoOn 24th and 25th September 2014, SEEDCO placed two 20ft containers in smallholder communities in Kalumwange and Man'gango, respectively, as part of their efforts in reaching out to underserved areas of Zambia.

Speaking during the launch of the containers, SEEDCO Senior Regional Manager, Danny Mfula, explained that the intervention was developed in partnership with Musika and was aimed at bringing genuine agricultural products, and extension services at the farmers' doorstep.

Previously, small scale farmers in Kalumwange and Man'gango had to travel approximately 70 and 60 kilometers, respectively, to Kaoma town to access farming inputs.

Mfula explained that SEEDCO had engaged an agent, Greenpacks Agriculture, to manage the operations of the containers, and emphasised that the seed would be sold at the same price as that stocked in Kaoma town.

Musika's objective is to support the development of a dynamic 'last mile' distribution network that reaches into smallholder communities and offers the market not only agricultural inputs but the technical information necessary to encourage adoption of productivity-enhancing technologies and also maximize the benefit of their usage.