Kalomo Small livestock bulking centre attracts transport service providers


By Enock Siankwilimba, Operations Manager- Southern Region

The establishment of a bulking centre for small livestock in Kalomo district by Kalomo Dairy Development Centre (KDDC), supported by Musika, has witnessed the growth of an additional business opportunity for entrepreneurs operating in the transport sector.


                                              Beene Siajunza bulking goats at the centre

For the past three years, proprietor of One Spoon Transport and resident of Lusaka, 42-year-old Pex Ng'andu has been hauling small livestock such as goats, pigs, and village chicken on behalf of farmers and traders that needed to access the more lucrative markets in Lusaka, Copperbelt and Kasumbalesa.

Ng'andu owns two 5tonne trucks stationed at KDDC that go into the surrounding villages to bring the animals to the bulking centre and thereafter ensures their safe passage to the destined markets.

Though the business has become competitive with more transporters coming on board, Ng'andu manages to attract enough clients by ensuring that he provides the best customer care service

For traders like Beene Siajunza, a 27-year-old single mother of one, who has been buying small livestock from the Centre since December 2016, the transport charges were fair enough to enable her make enough profit to pay for her education. On average, Siajunza pays an average of between K50 to K150 per animal.

According to Clement Sipaka a farmer growing pigs for sale in Lubasi village, One Spoon Transport has enabled him to access the market in Lusaka.

He recently sold 11 pigs at K13,500 and managed to invest in an oil expeller in order to provide milling services to other farmers in the village in exchange for sunflower cake which he gets to feed his pigs.

He plans to increase the number of pigs and sell them in Kasumbalesa to raise enough money to buy inputs in preparation for the 2017/2018 farming season.

"This year I brought 20 pigs for sale and expect to sell them for more than
K30, 000 in Kasumbalesa. I have been persuaded by One Spoon Transport to test the market in Kasumbalesa. Ng'andu is not just interested in making profit from his transport business but offers us solutions to help us grow our farming business," explained Sipaka.

One Spoon Transporter

Musika provided both technical and financial support to KDDC in developing the Small Animal Holding and Marketing Centre aimed at promoting open and transparent transactions between livestock buyers and smallholder suppliers, and to also serve as a service center for livestock input suppliers and veterinary service providers.

Musika's efforts in getting the private companies to start engaging with the smallholder livestock farmers has led to the 'crowding in' of other supporting actors such as One Spoon Transport, thereby boosting efforts towards promoting shared value in the market.